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landscaping serviceLandscaping Services will Protect Your Investment

You have invested a lot of money into your home, and keeping it in condition year-round with proper landscaping service plans will help protect that big investment. Year-long landscape excellence consists of two components – regular care and a proactive maintenance plan.

At M & K Services, we are homeowners ourselves, and we take the same pride in our property that you do in yours. We understand the value of a regular landscaping service program for your home, because it makes the outside appearance of your property a welcoming invitation into your home. You can be proud to host family and guests when they have a pleasant walk up your walkway, into your beautifully designed entranceway.

Landscaping Service – The Process

Just as it is important to proactively take care of your own health, it is also critical to proactively take care of your landscape’s health. It is always less damaging to prevent problems before they occur than it is to try halting a disease or pest problem in progress, or repairing the unsightly results of destruction afterwards.

Site Consultation

We begin our landscaping service process with an initial site consultation, so that we can visually inspect the key elements of your concern, and understand the dreams of your landscape vision. Our specialists will carefully diagram and document existing property and plant layouts in order to customize the ideal residential landscape service plan for you.

Landscaping Service Proposals

Following our site consultation, the specialists at M & K Services analyze the information and data gathered to determine which types of regular care and proactive maintenance steps would keep your landscape in beautiful condition all year long. Your individualized residential landscaping service plan may include seasonal applications through our Lawn Care Services, Tree Pruning Services, or other services unique for your property. The proposal will be outlined and each component will be explained, along with projected timing and supplies needed.

The Excellence of a Good Landscaping Service

After you sign the residential landscaping service plan, our staff schedules the agreed-upon services into our calendar, so that you know the timeframe when we will perform the regular services and the proactive services. We take seriously the level of excellence that we provide to you, and we continually strive to leave your property clean and well-attended following every visit.

Ongoing Landscaping Service Ensures Long-Lasting Beauty

After one year of carefully attending to your landscaping needs, you want to be sure that your property will continue to thrive and showcase your beautiful home. At the end of each season, we review the landscaping services that we provided to you, and discuss future needs. At M & K Services, we have been taking care of residential clients for many, many years. Renewing your residential landscaping service program for the following year ensures continued success with the beauty of your property.